Getting Around Baton Rouge

The Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College brings in a large percentage of Baton Rouge's visitors. LSU is located near the central part of Baton Rouge, making the university fairly accessible by several methods of transportation. About a mile from the university campus, Interstate 10 and Interstate 12 merge together. I-10 is a major highway network that runs throughout the entire southern portion of the United States, connecting all areas between California and Florida. Interstate 12 is a much shorter highway that connects Baton Rouge to the New Orleans area. The Interstate 110 beltway can be used to drive around most of Baton Rouge.

Navigating the grid layout of streets in Baton Rouge and driving to LSU should be easy. In fact, the university campus is located only about a mile south of the downtown district, and walking in that part of the city is sometimes preferred. McIntosh Drive and Highland Road provide an easy straightforward path between LSU and Downtown Baton Rouge.

Visitors who would like to skip a long road trip can land at the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport, which is located about 10 miles from the campus of Louisiana State University. Served by several airlines, the airport offers regional flights to major cities in the southern parts of the United States. After renting a car from one of the five on-site car rental companies, visitors can get on the nearby Interstate-110 or Plank Road and end up at LSU in about 20 minutes.

Public transportation in Baton Rouge is available through the Capital Area Transit System. CATS operates more than 20 bus routes throughout the city, and makes stops at major districts. Routes 46 and 47 directly serve the Louisiana State University, making multiple stops throughout the campus. Stopping along Highland Road at the LSU campus, both bus routes run northward to Downtown Baton Rouge. Of course, transfers along the way can be made to get onto other buses of the CATS network. LSU students can enjoy free bus fares with valid college ID cards. The CATS system is friendly towards bicycle riders, as the buses and stops have dedicated bike racks.

Long distance bus service at Baton Rouge is provided by companies such as Greyhound and LA Swift. The Greyhound station is located along Florida Boulevard. LA Swift provides services between Baton Rouge and New Orleans. There are several LA Swift bus stops in Baton Rouge such as on Florida Boulevard and Highland Road.